Dot and Arni Heilman

Dear BZK,

I just wanted to send you an email to express my most sincere appreciation.
If you recall, my wife and I are opening a Jewelry store in our hometown of Naples, Florida. Your wonderful line is exactly what our clients are looking for.
Your designs are trend-forward and your price points are absolutely unbelievable.
We look forward to a long and successful business relationship!

Many thanks,

Hillary Wiggam

Dear Lilly,

Thanks so much for your help last week with my online order. I am still trying to figure out this "online ordering thing" but I found your site is very easy to navigate. Hooray!

My shipment arrived yesterday, wow that was fast!
Thanks for the suggestion about the beaded bracelets, my clients love them!
When I am in Miami next month I can’t wait to stop by and shop your store too!

Jon C. Benjamin

Dear BZK,

Wow what a great store! I have been in the Jewelry business for over 21 years and I must say your designs and prices are simply fantastic.

I’ve taken the liberty of forwarding your contact information to our affiliate which handles many of our Caribbean/Central American venues. We feel your line would be a welcomed and profitable addition to our winter tourist inventory.

Best regards,


Thank you for all your help I found everything I was looking for and more. I am opening a Jewelry store in my hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. Your wonderful line is what my clients are looking for.

My shipment arrived really fast!
Thanks for the suggestion about the emoji necklace and bracelets my clients love them!